Mount Tom


We really don’t know what to expect on these trips. We had to do a job up in Mammoth Lakes and figured we take a day or two off up there on Hwy 395. We loved Lone Pine but really wanted it even fresher this time so we decided to go to the Trees Motel and see what the moment had in store for us. Pam loved the efficiency kitchen and we had planned to barbecue there between the trees at the Motel.  Latter while we were out among the trees the owner came out and Pam asked if the big mountain had a name and the motel owner said it was called “Tom”. Seemed kind of odd for a mountain but the name was big in my reality right now. I even called Mom and told her the name of the mountain. Here is a little bit I found about Mount Tom. Later we went back into the room and I began to write this. I said “I wonder where the name Mount Tom came from and then it hit me that there was also a town nearby called “Tom’s Place”.