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Wild Hearted Romance in Spirit

The poetry of Six years alone in 1993

Stock failure precicted 2 years prior to the day

Waves of Synchronicities during Storms, Tsunami and Fires


Wild Hearted Romance

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StephenTree spent years alone away from society and menís teaching searching his own heart. The fruit that resulted is timely experience for such a time as this.


And the leaves of the tree shall be for the healing of the nations Rev 22:2

            1.      1.      1.      1.      1.              The fruit of Stephentree is multileveled poetry that resulted from 24 years of synchronicities that go beyond the veil of religion and philosophy

            2.      2.      2.      2.      2.              In 1993 an experience changed the synchronicities to poetry, answering questions I had my whole life. In my loneliness, in my bewilder-ness, through by broken heart, She, (life) came.

            3.      3.      3.      3.      3.              In order to understand the deepest layers of the poetry, an understanding of the tabernacle, the layers of a cameo, the layers of heart, the poetry of scripture, Veil of interpretation, original intent, the original intent of an altar, synergy, systems theory and much more.

When you feel you have ďuncovered the mysteryĒ , my love, I swear you have just begun. Experience the Romance in Spirit between Steven and his life, Rumiís 12th century romance

The story that is unfolding right now with family and YOU, my life will complete the second book as a love story, a passion to reach YOU.

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The Apathy of Venn

The Wizardís Love Story

Read about the amazing things happening right now written in the ebook twelve years before they unfolded.

Get ready for the wild ride! This is my passion play!

Veil of Interpretation Wav file


Wild Hearts canít be Broken

Wild hearts cannot be broken††††††††††† Was love the pain that started all this††† Was it the cause that drew the first kiss††† Or was it the reason I wanted you so††† my blood runs hot but you already know†† This is my passion play!

Wild hearts cannot be broken†††††††††††† The preacher and lawyer have taken my bride and by their view she is made to abide. Is this the reason that I died???†† Itís love across time get ready for the RIDE!††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

This is my passion play!!!






Stephentree (Paul Steven Spence) 

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Alone in 1993 I wandered the roads of Florida and Alabama, lost in a world I was taught by my moments to recognize. Later (2003) I found this CD which reflects those moments alone, and reflects the poetry I wrote then. The spirit of Shams and Rumi and the Lover God.

The Gift of Love

In my loneliness, In my bewilderness, through my broken heart,, YOU came, my life.



DNATREE wav file




Iíve been searching through the past

Down the DNATREE

Iíve been re-membering

What life has to offer us for free

I came upon the advent of poetry

It taught me, it rocked me down to my knees

Called upon this councilor inside of me

To ask about the things that

Grew upon the tree

She said the blood of billions Had purchased this for me

Itís the DNA DNA DNA Tree

Well, blessed is SHE who nailed me to this tree